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I find my crack with second-chance romances and angst-filled stories. Most preferably, always with sense.
Infraction - K.I. Lynn I was wary of this series because Breach and Dissolution left me with conflicting emotions. Breach was a big mindfuck and it wasn't really the good kind. The first book felt like a big disaster because I thought the characters were dragging each other down.. But I loved the premise, so I was curious how the series would progress. Dissolution made me feel more positively towards the series because in just 30 pages it made me relate more to the characters and I realized how deep Nathan's and Lila's pain go.

Infraction isn't all rainbows too. I think the book as a whole still felt dark and depressing to me, but with the striking contrast against the ugliness of Breach, I appreciated this book a lot more. It sealed my connection to Nate and Lila such that even the little things that made them smile made me happy too. Their journey towards happiness is filled with sufferings (which I expect more of in the next volumes...) but with Infraction, I thought that finally they are doing the journey together.

I think this volume hit me hard, thus earning my 5-star rating, because for such a dark story I was surprised to have the warm fuzzies all throughout the book. It's twisted but the shadows around Lila and Nate's lives are so dark it's easy to see the light in between. I'm afraid of what's waiting for them in the future but as this is fiction, I'm fairly certain they would end up happy and as better people, making it worth the ride :)