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I find my crack with second-chance romances and angst-filled stories. Most preferably, always with sense.
Breach - K.I. Lynn I read this book a while back but only rated it now. I couldn't rate it back then because I loved the drama and I liked Dissolution, but Breach was too much for me - words too dirty, motives too questionable, reasons unknown. It didn't feel right to love a book with unlikable characters. But now that I've read Infraction, I can say for certain that I love this series (not necessarily this book, but after reading the latest volume it puts things in perspective for me)

Breach showed us two seriously flawed characters, which are everywhere right now (sometimes I wish I'm reading about a perfectly normal character with no baggage; they got to have a story too, right?). I think what makes Breach different is that it took "flawed" to the extremes. Nathan is so messed-up that I found the first book to be disturbing. I didn't get the concept of "too intense" whenever that phrase pops up in other books, but this time I understand it. Nathan can be summarized in those two words - too intense. He carries a heavy baggage that he uses against people who love him. All his issues border on being insane and with no definite reasons from the first book, it made me feel unsympathetic towards him.

Lila also has deep emotional scars; her self-worth is pretty much nothing. I normally scoff at the whole self-deprecating thing but Lila's issues mixed with Nate's just intensify everything, if that's even possible. Their physical connection was always aggressive and it only hurts them instead of helping them. It was painful to see Nate and Lila together because it was obvious they were bringing each other down.

My reading experience felt ugly and the first book didn't give enough answers to make me feel differently. But what it did was bait me with the drama. I wanted to know the reasons behind Nate's actions, how Lila could recover, if a happy ending is even possible, or if the whole thing will be disaster til the end. Breach left me with so many questions that I had to read the next volumes to satisfy my curiosity. And I'm glad it did! Breach felt more ugly after reading Dissolution and Infraction, but it also made the last two more beautiful and extremely satisfying for me. Can't wait to have this series finished!