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I find my crack with second-chance romances and angst-filled stories. Most preferably, always with sense.
The Arrangement 9 (The Arrangement, #9) - H.M. Ward The Arrangement series is like a first love gone wrong for me. Being so simple but relatable, it was one of the books I absolutely adored and sang praises to when I first got into reading. I loved Sean and I understood his sorrow and self-torture, but I loved Avery too to know that Sean needed a lot more proving to deserve her.

I read The Arrangement 1-6 in one go. While waiting for the next volumes I was exposed to more books and better authors but this is the series that I'd get excited for. But I got TA 7..and I thought, "Maybe I'm just not used to novellas; let's wait for the next ones." So I waited for TA 8, then I said, "was that worth the wait?" But when TA 9 came out, all my pent-up frustration exploded into one ugly rant emailed to HM Ward (who knows if she actually reads fan letters?). I needed weeks to finally admit to myself that my first love isn't going anywhere (hence the late review and rating).

The thing is, it's not about the length of the novella or the long wait for each volume. It's about the original story being dragged on and on to milk the fan response, and what we get is all fluff with no nutrition. I don't care if The Arrangement goes on until Volume 20 IF there was anything happening that makes sense. But with each new volume, what we have are pointless monologues, unreasonable decisions from characters who used to think better, and more minor conflicts without resolution to the original ones - all amounting to a reading experience that is called PLAIN TORTURE.

I want so badly to fall in love with this series again. But if the characters are stuck in the same dilemma from around 4 volumes earlier, I could only be stuck with the same feelings that I have now - DISAPPOINTMENT and a love that is lost..