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I find my crack with second-chance romances and angst-filled stories. Most preferably, always with sense.
True Love Story - Willow Aster Okay, let me clear this up: I'm a sucker for angst and romance. And only for the past two months, I've been book hunting, enjoying a lot of them but not really getting that right level of satisfaction. And I know I've had a lot in that short period, with 80 ebooks sitting in my "DONE READING" folder.

So let me take this moment to do the happy dance for I have found the most heart-wrenching-in-that-perfect-level-that-i-want-it love story at 5:00AM with no sleep yet! /dances more/


Sparrow is just so refreshing, so different from all the other heroines (and frankly, there are just too many dumb and doormat heroines that make me want to tear my hair out). You know it's too often that we find a hero with all the well-thought backstory and good character development while the heroine is just there to help him change.

To have Ian fixed and Sparrow broken is a breath of fresh air. I bawled my eyes out, perfectly understanding FOR ONCE the guy and the girl's motivations and feelings and not being able to fault them for their choices. THANK YOU SPARROW, FOR SOMETIMES MAKING STUPID AND DISAPPOINTING DECISIONS AND ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGING IT. That just had to be said! Just when I'm starting to think "That's stupid, Sparrow" you beat me to it and say it to yourself first. No one has to spell it out for you! AND THANK YOU FOR BEING HUMAN AND NOT THE SAINTLY LEADS THAT FORGIVE AND FORGET SO EASILY. I know and I get it - Ian's sins are exactly what would break a heart that only time - not words, apologies, or gestures - would heal.

I rate it 4.5 stars, mostly because I'd wanted the reunion part to be a little longer to feel more natural and because of that affair thing. But really, after that emotional rollercoaster? I'm sorry, but Willow Aster, you ruined me! I'm pretty sure I'd feel less satisfied than normal with any other book that follows this.....