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I find my crack with second-chance romances and angst-filled stories. Most preferably, always with sense.
The Light in the Wound - Christine Brae I'm conflicted about this book.

While I felt the emotional connection with each character and cried to sleep after reading, I still had a certain detachment because at the back of my mind, I recognize the world and the characters are unreal. Which all fiction books are. But I found the fictional world in this one hard to grasp and imagine because I live around the same setting! And I could point out all the "wrong" scenes that I just don't see happening...

On the good side, I loved how The Light in the Wound presented a first love. Many love stories are obsessed with first loves! And at times where characters have gone through break-ups, when they meet "The One" they're quick to deny that they didn't feel "true love" with their past relationships! Why is it so impossible for true love having a sad ending when it happens very often in real life? Why do romance books refuse to reflect some basic form of reality?

On the bad/sad side, I cried a lot over Jesse and Isabel. We saw how exactly things went wrong, but it doesn't diminish the fact that they really loved each other. I got heartbroken with Jesse. And while I still wish he had a HEA with Isabel, I also know Alex deserves the good ending. Which is why in my mind what really happened was either Alex found another girl while Isabel was in love with Jesse, or Alex dies as a happy husband and Isabel moves on years later and finds Jesse again. I just want HEA both for Jesse and Alex!!